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The Truth at Times Hurts

The truth, at times, unfolds as a revelation filled with surprises, hope, and profound joy—a treasure sought earnestly, a pearl of great price.

Yet, there exists another truth—a truth that inflicts pain, shattering our stability and security, leading to profound disorientation.

This truth, though harsh, is necessary. It aligns with life's reality, creating the potential to reshape history and redirect the trajectory of our lives. Despite the hurt it brings, this truth liberates, allowing us to confront reality and respond accordingly.

Enter the climate and ecological breakdown, a truth analogous to receiving a devastating diagnosis. It is a public truth, a necessary revelation that brings forth not only pain—a civilization heading towards collapse—but also a collective opportunity to explore treatment options, minimize suffering, adapt, and if necessary, prepare lovingly and compassionately for the impending challenges of societal collapse.

Do not run from concrete reality,

into a world of romanticised abstractions.

Take courage,

The truth will at times will hurt.

Do not Romanticise Reality,

But look it straight in the eye.

And behold the nightmarish evil that many endure.

Don't dodge or look away,

But lament,

And grieve,

The kingdom is calling.

Don't dodge or look away,

But listen.

And love,

The Kingdom is Calling.

Do not romanticise reality,

But look it in the eye,

And commit yourself to justice and peace.

Hold the hand of the hurting,

Wrap your arms around the broken,

Hold their gaze, and whisper

‘This is not the way it was meant to be’

Speak truth to those corrupted by power,

Stand up to the oppressed,

Hold their gaze and whisper.

‘This is not the way it is meant to be’

Do not not romanticise reality,

But rest a while in extravagant love.

Bathe in his kindness,

Receive his healing.

Do not romanticise reality,

But know that hope is on the way.

For he will transform reality,

There is not a hurt that he will not heal.

- Swales



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