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Redemption’s Dance

Redemption’s Dance

In the shadows,

The darkness.

I stumble,

Lost in the maze of doubt.

Whispers of hope call my name,

In hushed tones barely audible.

‘I see your pain, I hear your cry’

"But how," I cry in despair,

"The weight of darkness,

too much to bear.

Evil's grip, it holds me tight,

In this God-forsaken night

- I see no light’

Hope, with gentle voice, replies,

Wiping tears from my eyes.

"On the tree, I held you fast,

In my death, I set you free.’

Empires crumble, sin undone,

Hope restored by the risen Son.

‘So take my hand, let us dance,

in new creation light.'

Swales- 2024


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