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‘I want to be a normal person’

In the closing minutes of a Lighthouse day center, we gathered to meditate and reflect on a psalm that speaks of God binding our wounds.

Each of us took a moment to speak; nobody was obligated, but everyone chose to share.

One woman, with tears in her eyes, said, "I want to be a normal person... there are some wounds that never heal."

We paused, and then I asked, "Does anyone else ever wish they just had a normal life?" All hands went up, several nodded, and others softly said yes.

What do they mean by this?

In the diversity of the Lighthouse, there is a common thread of trauma, wounds inflicted by others. Abuse wounds the soul of a child with a poison that runs deep. The world is no longer safe, and their lives, now in adulthood, bear witness to a feeling of marginalization, of not being normal.

The past is the past, but it reverberates into the present through these unhealed scars. The past, unless healing occurs, will define our future, even if memories fade the body keeps the score.

One of the team responded to the woman's heartfelt honesty by saying, "I'm holding out hope that healing is always possible. One day, Jesus will wipe all tears from our eyes and every hurt will be healed.

Yet, as we've been wounded in relationships, we can also find healing in relationships. In the presence of love and within this safe space at Lighthouse, we can experience the slow burn miracle of healing.

The past trauma, its presence felt now, may not always remain so raw and acute. There is healing for the brokenhearted; love binds up our wounds.’

We sat in silence for a moment, letting the weight of those words settle.

It's in these shared moments of vulnerability that we find strength.

The Spirit, of compassion and healing, is doing her gentle work.

Lighthouse isn’t just a place of refuge; a safe harbour from the storms of life, it’s a place of connection, where our collective pain is met with collective compassion and divine love.

Here, we at times confront our past, not to dwell in it, but to soak our wounds in the healing balm of love. We lean on each other, understanding that while our scars may never fully disappear, they can become a testament to our resilience and our capacity for healing.

In the warmth of this community, the wounds of our past begin to lose their power. We find comfort in knowing we are not alone, and that our journey towards wholeness is shared.

The path may be long and winding, but with every step, surrounded by love and support, we embrace our healing.

Love wins.


Lighthouse Beattitudes

When Liberator looked at the crowd he went up a mountain and sat down to encourage his people. He opened his mouth and spoke to his crew saying.

Divine favour is on those battered and bruised by the storms of life. To them belongs the reign and rule of my Father.

Divine favour rests on those whose trauma erupts into tears or disassociation for they shall know healing and comfort,

Divine favour rests on those gentle wounded souls for they will inherit a world of wonder.

Divine favour rests on those whose hearts burn for justice, for the world to be stripped of injustice, oppression and domination.

They shall be filled, satisfied and made whole.

Divine favour rests on those filled with mercy and who walk the path of forgiveness. For they will behold the beauty of God.

Divine favour rests on those who seek to bring peace in a world of conflict, They are the sons and daughters that the father always wanted.

Divine favour rests on those who seek to walk in kindness but are bullied, abused and mistreated. To them belongs the reign and rule of my Father.

Rev’d Jon Swales, 2024


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