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Hope Whispers

Hope whispers my name,

And speaks to my soul.

‘Rest a while,

I have a healing balm and will tend your wounds.’

I counter,

‘But have you seen the pain,

The poison runs deep,

The beasts run wild.’

And hope speaks,

And addresses my wounded heart,


I know.

The night is darkest just before the dawn.

On cursed tree,

Through whip and nail,

The evil of empire,

& the sickness of sin

sinned against me.

Alone in pain.

I breathed my last ‘

Downcast I spoke

‘The beast has won .

As hope lies silent in the grave.

In the book of life evil will have the last word’

And hope rejoiced

And laughed and sang,

A song of healing love,

‘My beloved one,

This is not true,

The grave did not win.

I was raised to life.

Evil does not have the last word.

Love wins’

And I wept,

And he wiped the tears from my face.

Hope embraced me in his love,

I beheld his face.

We danced

He is making all things new.


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