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Free Course: The Apostle Paul & the Holy Spirit

During lockdown, I embarked on a project to record a series of teaching sessions based on Gordon Fee's Book 'Paul, the Spirit and the People of God'. This book, and my course, provides a good grounding, rooted in excellent scholarship, into how the Apostle Paul understood the person and work of the Spirit of God.

The video teaching series can be found below.

Session One: Spirit as the Renewed Presence of God

Session Two: Who is the Holy Spirit? Spirit as Person

Session Three: The Holy Spirit and the Presence of the Future

Session Four: A A People for His Name

Session Five: THe Spirit and the Hearing of the Gospel

Session Six: The Holy Spirit at Entry Point

Session Seven: The Spirit and the Ethical Life

Session Eight: The Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Session Nine: Corporate Worship and the Spirit

Session Ten: The Holy Spirit and the Charismata


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