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A Prayer for Peace

Father of Creation,

God of Justice,

Our hearts are heavy,

Our souls are sad.

A darkness has descended upon the earth.

The beautiful, broken,

The blessed, cursed,

The living, dead.

Lord, have mercy.

The hospital, destroyed,

The children, hungry,

The women, weeping.

Christ, have mercy.

Terrorists and nation states

have unleashed hell.

The hell of war,

The hell of violence,

The innocent suffer.

Lord, have mercy.

Your Son,

Our Saviour,


Embraced and enacted the Kingdom

and called us to love our enemies and lay down the sword.

So we conspire with peace,

In the name of him who said, "Blessed are the peacemakers."

And so we conspire with mercy,

In the name of him who said, "Blessed are the merciful."

And so we pray,

For the hurt and the wounded,

The scared and the brave,

For Israel and Gaza,

For mercy and grace.

And so we pray,

For global and local leadership,

Those fleeing for their lives,

Those moving at the command of the forces of violence,

For mercy and grace.

We pray against those who seek to profit financially from this war.

We pray for peace.

We pray for the weakening of arms dealers and arms manufacturers who may exploit this conflict to benefit shareholders.

We pray for peace.

We pray against the intentions of the masters of war and the architects of conflict.

We pray for peace.

We conspire with compassion

And hope against hope

For the cessation of violence

& the flourishing of peace.

Blessed are the Peacemakers



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