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1.5- Dead in the Water?

Global temperatures are surging, averaging 1.64 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels over the past 12 months. This milestone underscores a critical reality: limiting the rise to 1.5 degrees is now beyond reach. It's a stark wake-up call—catastrophic climate change is no longer a distant threat but an immediate crisis. Fires, floods, water shortages, and malnutrition will claim many lives, disproportionately affecting nations least responsible for climate change.

The truth is stark: human reliance on fossil fuels has irreversibly altered our planet. What began as a quest for comfort and progress has led us to an existential crossroads. The Anthropocene era, marked by unprecedented environmental degradation, bears witness to our failure to curb emissions and protect our world.

Despite these warnings, the response from ithe Western Church remains muted. Many leaders preach minor lifestyle adjustments while global emissions soar and ecosystems collapse. It's a collective failure to confront the systemic roots of our predicament—an economic system that values profit over people and planet.

We're beyond the point of easy fixes. This isn't just about recycling more or driving electric cars. It's about dismantling an economic order that sacrifices the future for short-term gain. Our faith calls us to advocate for justice—to stand with the vulnerable, challenge oppressive structures, and prioritize the well-being of all creation.

In the face of ecological collapse, we must rediscover our moral compass. Love, as Jesus taught, demands action—not just charity, but systemic change. It's about reshaping our communities and economies to uphold justice and sustainability. This is our urgent mandate in a world entering climate catastrophe.

Let's reject complacency and embrace the radical transformation required to safeguard our planet and its people. This is our challenge, our calling, and our opportunity to shape a future where love for neighbor and care for creation define our legacy.

- Rev'd Jon Swales


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