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Collapse & the New Humanity

Industrial capitalist society, despite the virtual silence of mainstream media, is in a death spiral towards collapse. Antonio Guitterez, the UN Secretary General, has warned us that we are 'sleepwalking towards a climate catastrophe,' that is we are heading towards an unlivable future marked by mass migration, mass starvation, and societal breakdown.

Our globally interconnected and intricately complex world can no longer bear the weight imposed upon it by unchecked capitalism and consumerism as we approach temperatures 1.5 degrees above preindustrial levels, drawing perilously closer to a nightmarish scenario of 2.4 degrees or more.

Collectively, we have been seduced by the gods of our age. They presented a beguiling vision, a telos, a pathway to paradise, yet it has unfolded as a haunting nightmare, a dead end, and a highway to perdition.

Hence, we find ourselves at the pivotal juncture of history, where the status quo is no longer possible. To avert the worst of what looms, we must embark on a journey of repentance—an alteration of course towards a new future. We require a fresh map, a renewed imagination, a true telos and perhaps a return to age-old paths—that forsake greed, excess consumption, and rampant individualism in favor of kindness, simplicity, and community.

As Eugene McCarraher articulates in 'The Enchantments of Mammon':

'We will not be saved by our wealth, our weaponry, or our technological prowess; we may find salvation in the joyful and unprofitable pursuits of love, beauty, and contemplation.' Undoubtedly, this may seem foolish to the shamans and magicians of [unrestrained capitalism]. Yet, there exist more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of on Wall Street or in Silicon Valley.’

At this late hour, we require prophets, poets, and priests to give voice to a sacred dream, to mold and craft a culture of kindness where wealth is not measured in economic riches but in the harmonious flourishing of individuals, communities, and the entire tapestry of creation.

Calling all poets and prophets,

The end of the ages has come,

And justice once neglected must once again raise her hope filled voice.

So pick up that paint brush,

Strum on that guitar.

Speak Truth, Sing Freedom,

For justice once neglected must once again raise her voice of challenge.

Unrestrained Capitalism-

Your days are numbered.

You have been weighed in the scales and found wanting

Creation Betrayed-

We reap what we sow

Let us sow the seeds of faith, hope and love.

Calling all poets and prophets,

Wake up the church with your sweet melodies and rebuke,

For we have been asleep on our kingdom watch,

Let justice once neglected become our beating heart.

Swales, 2023


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